What would you like to see from me in 2015?

what are the chances of seeing you perform on the PN Tour this fall? in Houston, to be exact.

absolutely zero because i’m not working that tour i’ll be working for Counterparts on the Stray From the Path Tour. so sorry homie.

i randomly found your tag on tumblr, found that you were doing well and inspiring people and i remember back high school we had a mutual friend and we hung out a few times. i always thought you were such a nice guy and i just want to say that i'm proud of you. getting out of our small towns isn't easy but you're inspiring people and that's incredible. keep up the good work.

not sure who you are but this still means a lot. small towns can be the best or the worst and for the most part, are small town, was awful. make sure if you feel the same you find a way out. there is a massive world out there. cheers friend. 

Saw you at the Fresno date! Sorry about the douche, but the way you handled it was probably the most badass thing I've ever seen \m/

thanks buddy! 

Wasn't able to get your 7" on the common vision tour #brokenigga! Is there any way I can get it dude?

I’m Never Landing

August 16, 2014.

today I had a flight with no reading material, while boarding I tried to buy a collection of poetry on iBooks but i forgot my debit card has been over drafted by $70 for a month now so quickly I downloaded as many samples until lift off. I read them all in between the cracks of my screen as my phone died, then I opened notes to write my some of my own as i was interrupted by a black screen.
I was reading and writing
about dying alone.
I was bored and thirsty.
the women came and asked if i wanted a beverage,
I ordered nothing.
I don’t know why.
I landed, charged my phone
the girl next to me is watching the movie Hook. I was reminded that Peter, returned to the real world at the end of that movie.
but that, is just a movie.

I was flying from LAX to home.